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Veterinary Technology

Contact Person: Dr. Jody Rockett
Office Location: Evergreen A-33
Direct Phone: 208-732-6408
Email: jrockett@csi.edu

Veterinary TechnologyThe College of Southern Idaho's Associate of Applied Science degree enables students to excel in the progressive field of veterinary technology. Our Veterinary Technology Program gives motivated individuals an opportunity to combine their compassion for animals with their interest in science and medicine.

We are excited to be Idaho's first college to offer this degree, and we hope you are ready to embark upon a challenging and rewarding career.

Program Location: Evergreen Building

Technical Responsibilities/Skills for Veterinary Technicians

Graduates of veterinary technology programs are valued paraprofessionals in the field of veterinary medicine. The following gives a sampling of the challenging and diverse skills you will possess as a veterinary technician.

Caring for Hospitalized Animals

  • Administering oral, intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous medications
  • Monitoring animals in intensive care
  • Placing IV catheters and administering fluids


  • Preparing and positioning animals for radiographs
  • Developing radiographs
  • Radiation safety procedures
  • Assisting in ultrasound examinations


  • Monitoring animals using ECG, blood gas analysis, blood pressures
  • Monitoring animals during anesthetic recovery

Clinical Pathology

  • Collecting blood, urine and fecal samples for various procedures
  • Conducting tests for feline leukemia, heartworms, parvovirus, antifreeze poisoning
  • Assisting in necropsies
  • Collecting and preparing samples for cultures
  • Performing complete blood counts, biochemistry profiles, urinalysis

Surgical Assisting

  • Preparing patients for surgeries
  • Assisting during surgeries
  • Sterilizing surgical instruments

Hospital Management/Client Education

  • Maintaining hospital inventory
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Scheduling, bookkeeping and training assistants
  • Providing information to clients in areas of nutrition, vaccination protocols and surgical procedures