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Tech Prep Information

The College of Southern Idaho is willing to grant articulated credit to students who successfully complete the competencies for the following courses in high school Agriculture Science and Technology.

The following table indicates how to get college credit for high school work. Please contact your high school instructor or the College of Southern Idaho for more information on these courses and how they will transfer.

High School Course No. & Title Articulated Postsecondary Course No. and Title Credits Awarded
AG 0210 Agricultural Welding AGRI 101 Oxyacetylene Welding 2
AG 0340 Applied Greenhouse & Nursery Mgmt. and
AG 0510 Botany/Plant and Soil Science and
AG 0514 Botany/Horticulture Plant Science
AGRI 102 Plant Science in Agriculture 4
AG 0310 Applied Livestock Management and AG 0530 Zoology/Animal Science or AG 0532 Zoology/Science of Animal Nutrition and AG 0534 Zoology/Science of Animal Reproduction AGRI 109 Principles of Animal Science 4
AG 0460 Agribusiness Management & Marketing
AG 0660 AG Business and Economics or Economics
AGRI 104 Agriculture Management 3
FFA Participation (minimum 3 years) AGRI 114 Agricultural Activities 2
AG 0240 Agricultural Fabrication AGRI 210 Agricultural Arc Welding 2
AG 0422 Cooperative Education AGRI 285 Cooperative Education 3
AG lab classes (minimum of 3) AGRI 140 Industrial Safety 2