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Wind Energy Technician

Contact Person: David Wyett
Office Location: ATIC 104
Direct Phone: 732-6323
Email: dwyett@csi.edu

Wind Engergy TechnicianWind Energy Technicians will likely work at wind parks anywhere in the world. Technicians could work with either small companies providing a specialist niche product or very large companies such as power giants on an energy team.

In the Wind Energy program, you will learn how to troubleshoot, maintain, and operate industrial size wind turbines. A mechanical aptitude and love of big machines is required.

The program will employ both lecture and laboratory formats. Hands-on experience is critical for gaining skills necessary to be successful in the industry.

Due to the popularity of this program, interested students are encouraged to contact the instructor as soon as possible as classes fill up quickly. There are special entry requirements for this program, including mathematical skill established through placement testing.

Why Wind Energy at CSI?

Wind Engergy TechnicianJoin the emerging green energy revolution. Green collar jobs are rapidly making their way into the mainstream workforce. Whether you are interested in helping curb our appetite for foreign-produced oil, reducing your carbon footprint, gaining energy independence, or just think the technology is exciting - You are at the right place!

There is a specific need for wind turbine technicians and the Wind Energy program at CSI provides targeted training on fixing and maintaining wind turbines.

Special Tools or Skills?

The Wind Energy program does not require students to purchase special tools. A wind tower climb test must be completed early in the first semester. You must be able to climb a 250 foot ladder on the inside of a wind tower using appropriate safety gear. If you uncomfortable with the height or physically unable to climb repeatedly on a daily basis, another degree option will be recommended.