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Environmental Technology

Contact Person: David Wyett
Office Location: ATIC 104
Direct Phone: 732-6323
Email: dwyett@csi.edu

Environmental TechnologyEnvironmental Technology students will specialize on ways to produce renewable energy in two main categories: Combustion and Electrical.

Combustion fuels include biodiesel, ethanol, bio-gas and hydrogen. The electrical category includes solar, residential wind, geothermal and hydroelectricity.

Additionally, students will have training in water: measurement, Law, and Quality. Water is an important aspect of a sustainable environmental stewardship.

Why Environmental Technology at CSI?

Environmental TechnologyJoin the emerging green energy revolution. Green collar jobs are rapidly making their way into the mainstream workforce. Whether you are interested in helping curb our appetite for foreign-produced oil, reducing your carbon footprint, gaining energy independence, or just think the technology is exciting - You are at the right place!

The Environmental Technology program provides a broad curriculum in industrial electrical systems, co-generation, water resource management, solar, fuel cells, and the development of a skill set to position someone for a variety of jobs that are anticipated with the emergence of the green collar economy.

Special Tools or Skills?

The Environmental Technology program does not require students to purchase special tools.

The program will employ both lecture and laboratory formats. Hands-on experience is critical for gaining skills necessary to be successful in the industry. A mechanical aptitude is a necessary skill.